Workout Wednesday, 5 Ways To Get WAY More Pumped For The Gym !

When you’ve got a kid or two (or three!), a lot of your own progression in life becomes halted. That’s not a bad thing, obviously, because the focus is then well and truly on your offspring – your personal goals and dreams take a backseat! You may have prioritized those little projects, but now they’re pretty unimportant compared to before.  Something that most guys of all ages want to do is have a decent level of fitness. They’re not exactly hoping to become like that of a sports star, but being in good shape is pretty important to them! Having massive commitments like children can kind of hinder the motivation in terms of heading to a gym, though, right? A lot of energy is exerted in all of parenting, so creating a gym routine and following through with it can be pretty difficult.  If you’re in those exact shoes, then you’re probably looking for ways to increase that drive for better fitness. Well, here are a few things you can do to get that motivation up before, during, and after a gym/fitness sesh.

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Fill Your Head With Motivational Content 

One way of getting that motivation for something is by surrounding yourself with stuff that’ll boost your adrenaline and make you really crave it. There are hundreds of videos online that will be perfect for you. It might be a compilation video with amazing speeches in the background that does it for you. You might even be motivated by a simple video tutorial or a lesson. 

Podcasts, books, articles, and blogs also do a great job in terms of getting somebody in the right frame of mind. If you fully immerse yourself within this world, then you’re probably going to get that drive (back). 

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Get Some Headphones

Music does a lot for performance. It also does a good job in terms of pumping someone up for a big lift or a long run. When you have a fairly quiet atmosphere, then your brain can be pretty turned off – some people really need that harmonious stimulation! Getting yourself some high-quality headphones could do you a world of good in this regard. You can look online at places like for information about the types of headphones available for this kind of situation. There’s nothing quite like killing a workout while blasting out some amazing tunes.

Photo By  @Swaggerdad

Photo By @Swaggerdad

Train With Your Pal 

When you have your friend(s) with you, it makes everything much easier, and way more fun. Of course, many people like training on their own, but with your friend, you’re able to share laughs and push each other. If you’re quite nervous, then bringing a training partner could ease your mind and make you feel a lot more comfortable. 

Buy Supplements And Equipment 

When you have that extra kit alongside you, it makes you feel as though you’re well and truly part of the fitness game. It’s a strange concept, but it changes people’s perspectives. For example, using things like wrist straps and lifting shoes makes people feel much more at home when they’re working out. Supplements obviously add that extra boost of recovery, growth, and performance, but they also do wonders for the mind. 

Photo by  Victor Freitas

You’re also spending money on some pretty expensive stuff, so the motivation is there to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

Post Contributed by Rob Jones

Cover Photo by Brad Neathery