Tech Tuesday with Kidz Mix Flix

This week in Tech Tuesday we give a big shout out at the Kidz Mix Flix, a youtube channel for children ages 1-9. Yes we all as parents have the responsibility to monitor our children on social media/ TV. Watching TV is not the same when we were growing up, with all the social platforms out there we as parents have to be on point all across the broad. Who remembers the Momo Challenge? Even youtube has to be monitored. That’s why I salute Kidz Mix Flix for their positive channel.

Photo By  KidzMixFlix

Photo By KidzMixFlix

The KidzMixFlix youtube channel has more than 300 music videos in various
languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.
This channel is for toddlers, kids, parents, grandparents and everybody
else who loves music.

So, if your child is starting to watch tv or even on your phone watching video’s on Youtube, make sure you subscribe to KidzMixFlix and have a sense of relief knowing they won’t have any crazy not appropriate videos popping up!

By Danny Reyes