Getting Your Hustle On with Gary Vaynerchuk & Slime Creator Maddie Rae

First and for most let me give a big shout out to my fellow dad and homie @Fatherhoodislit for the exclusive event my son and I attended on Tuesday night in NYC. It was brought to you by Maddie Rae’s founder and creator of Slime. Yes you heard it right Slime. The young Enterpuner wanted to show other young kids how to follow their passion and turn it into a business. The event was mostly for Dad’s and their teenagers but there were kids as young as 8 years old in the crowd.

The only “Hood” I Repp is “Fatherhood”, and I was so proud to see Father’s and their kids from all walks of life attend this one of a kind event.

Photo by  @Fatherhoodislit

Did I mention who was the speaker for the night? Let me tell you, when I first got the invite and saw who was the speaker for the event I was like WHATTTTT? Yes, the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know Gary V , you must be living under a rock or something, the man is one of a kind. I was hype to see him and hear him live. I was more excited for my son to hear someone other than me talk about pursuing your dream and passion. Gary is a straight up guy, he’ll tell you how it is. At the event after he talked about his life and how he became who he is now. He had a Q&A . After a few questions were asked by a few dad’s, for some reason my mind went blank. I was disappointed I didn’t have the courage to ask him a question. This is something I struggle with and I thought that day I would have the courage to stand up and ask a question. Don’t worry next time I run into Gary, mark my word I will ask him for a few tips.

Photo by  @Swaggerdad

Photo by @Swaggerdad

Although I didn’t get to ask Gary a question I did get a chance to introduce myself and my son to him. If you know me you know I met a lot of “Famous” people in my life time working in the music industry and by far Gary V is as real as they come. Thank You Gary for being you. The night ended in a positive note, Maddie Rae had a contest where kids submitted there business “Idea” and the winner received $10k.

Adam Venture from Minnesota won. His idea is called Resilience, a platform for kids to connect with other kids with disabilities and challenges. That’s dope, Check out the video and be looking out for the platform soon. Congrats Adam.

By Danny Reyes