Music On Another Level With Bose

My love for music runs deep. I grew up in NYC with so many different sounds that I hear beats just walking down the street, day or night. So, when the opportunity to review the latest Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 came up, I was in. #ad

The sleek black design is comfortable and looks good too. When commuting in NYC it’s important to have headphones that are lightweight, comfortable and have a good grip. On top of that the person next to you on the train doesn’t appreciate hearing what you have on blast. Bose takes care of all that.

Real quick, let me give you the list on why you need to check these out!

Listen for hours

Get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life and time-based power information.

Easy voice control

Keep your phone in your pocket and your head up to the world with easy access voice control services for music, navigation, weather, and more will keep you connected with the world around you.

Easily take calls and speak to your voice assistant

Confidently take a call or speak to your voice assistant in any environment, with an unrivaled adaptive four-microphone system that isolates your voice from surrounding noise.

Pick the voice assistant that's right for you

For the first time, you can access your choice of virtual assistants. Just say “Alexa” — or press the dedicated VPA button for Google or your phone’s native assistant, like Siri.

Personalize your environment and Noise Cancelling

Choose from 11 levels of noise cancellation. Maximize it to eliminate distractions — or minimize the noise cancelling so you can hear everything around you. Or choose from nine other levels in between.

Immersive listening experience

A signature active EQ provides an immersive listening experience at any volume.

Intuitive controls

Simple earcup controls help you to stay connected without reaching for your phone.

Bose AR Technology

Enhance the way you experience the world with Bose AR, a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform. Bose AR availability and functionality varies. For more information, visit

More control from the Bose Music app

The Bose Music app ensures your Bose smart products work together for a more personal experience.


Rooftop listening sessions in NYC…what’s better than that?

Click here to download the Bose App and visit Best Buy to check these headphones out. Bose just took listening to music to a whole other level. Shout out to @Bose !

The Bose Music App

The Bose Music App

By Danny Reyes