Finding Your Relaxing Style..

Everyone has that perfect outfit that they just like to kick back in. But being comfortable needn't mean that you can't be stylish. If you're going to look great, you may as well look the part all of the time. 

So, when it comes to mixing comfort and style, there are some simple rules. Firstly, kick back does not mean dirty. Chill out clothes should not be synonymous with scruffy. Well kept clothing is not something that is solely reserved with work or formal occasions. 

Photo by  Jeroen den Otter

Take Pride In Your Appearance 

Having the self-respect to take care of yourself when you are in your lounge attire will follow through to a sense of pride in your Sunday best. There's no reason not to put your comfort clothes through the laundry, and they should be treated with as much respect as your regular clothes. Don't treat them as throwaway items.

Photo by  Mnz

Photo by Mnz

Shirts And Tees

Light, short sleeve, button-up shirts make for great relaxation fashion. Keep it well-kept, plain and simple, and you'll look a million dollars even in a ten dollar shirt. T-shirts can be a strong look too, however, make sure if it's faded or distressed, it doesn't look warped or pulled also. A plain white tee gives a clean and smart look while providing a dressed down, casual vibe. It need not be the most expensive shirt, or even a branded one. But wearing it after it's been pressed will make keep it looking smart. 

Photo by  Jeff Sheldon

Photo by Jeff Sheldon


The ultimate item of kick back clothing has to be the hoodie. With a zip up front or pullover hoodie, you'll always look like you are the master of comfort and style.

Or, how about this wolf hoodie to keep you warm on a winter's day?  Having a stand-out print can make a standard item really great. 


The iconic fashion item that is an essential element in every wardrobe, there can be nothing more recognizable that the Levi jean. Hard-wearing, and comfortable, these literally go with anything. They're great around the home, and just as good to be worn out. They're possibly one of the most versatile kick back items that there is. 

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann

Photo by Crawford Jolly


There's nothing wrong with sweatpants, as long as they are worn well. They need to be clean, well kept, and fit you. Find a good quality pair, and they'll look the part. 


When it's time to kick back in the heat, sweat shorts are a great way to go. As with sweatpants, buy good quality and keep them clean. Three-quarter length trousers are great for creating a laid-back look. 


Having a good pair of clean trainers to wear at home will keep you feeling relaxed. Get something comfy like a pair of Air Force one. If you avoid wearing them outside, then you will not need to worry about your home getting messed up by them. Whatever your look, there is a casual version out there, for the days when you just want to hang out and watch Netflix.

Photo by  Aman Jakhar

Photo by Aman Jakhar

By Jose Martinez

Cover Photo by Adeolu Eletu