Dad Duties Getting too Much? Switch Your Focus and Feel Refreshed

Since become a dad your life has changed in more ways than you ever expected. Your priorities shifted overnight and you suddenly fell in love with this new way of living. You realise that you need to learn to relax more often, especially because you kids rely on you so heavily. Being a good dad means taking care of yourself everyday and sometimes you just need to switch off. Consider some of the following techniques to shift your focus and feel refreshed again.

Photo by  Laura Fuhrman

Photo by Laura Fuhrman

Find Your Release With Music

When the kids are driving you crazy, all you want to do is escape and find your own release. Music is an excellent way to relieve tension and it can be really motivational too. Check out some alternative genres here, and use it when you’re feeling overly stressed. You might even find it useful to use this downloaded music on a blog or business website as a clear indicator of who you are as a person.

Photo by  mustapha kasule

Focus on Your Business

Getting stuck into your business plan can feel hugely rewarding when the kids have driven you crazy all day. It gives you the chance to reflect on your goals and work towards something that means a lot to you. Sometimes answering emails and following up on business calls can be all you need to feel refreshed and revitalized again!

See Your Friends

There is nothing more invaluable than time away with your close friends. If you are a stay at home dad, you are probably sick of baby talk and children’s television programmes, so you need to reconnect with your nearest and dearest. Even if you can only meet up for a couple of hours at the end of the day, this will give you instant satisfaction when your dad duties feel overwhelming.

Photo by  Kimson Doan

Photo by Kimson Doan

Spoil Your Partner

Your other half is probably feeling just as much pressure as you right now, so why not treat her to something special? Arrange a babysitter for the evening and go out for dinner. You can use this as a chance to reconnect and give yourself some space from the kids for a short while.

Photo by  Davids Kokainis

Play a Sport

Playing a sport can benefit your mental health in a number of ways, so why not try out for a local sports team? Whether you enjoy playing football, golf or even fishing, there are so many activities that will give you the headspace you need. It isn’t always possible to commit to long term team sports, so you could make an effort to go outside for a run a few times a week. Physical exercise will work wonders for your mental health and give you a chance to switch your focus and feel refreshed.

As much as you love being a dad, sometimes you need to shift your focus and give yourself a break. Having other priorities in your life is great for your mental health, so don’t lose sight of your career, relationship and hobbies. As soon as you find the perfect balance between all of these elements, you will be a more patient, kind and fun loving dad

Photo by Danny Reyes

Photo by Danny Reyes

Post Contributed By Marcus Radford.

Cover Photo by mustapha kasule