How Being Involved in Sports Can Benefit Your Child!

Being a parent is always a tough job, and with the rise of social media, there is so much external influence on kids nowadays. With so much 'noise' out there, it can feel harder than ever to cut through it all and guide your kids in the right direction. 

One beneficial thing that you can do is to encourage a love of sports in your child. Liking sports comes in useful to kids in so many ways, and a love of sports is an excellent thing for you to share with your child and enjoy together. From watching the game together, through to training together, this is perfect parent-child bonding time.

Here's how getting involved in sports can help your child:

Physical Fitness

With childhood obesity rates being a hot topic, it is only natural for parents to want to do all that they can to get their kids off to a healthy start in life. 

Photo by  frank mckenna

Photo by frank mckenna

Keeping kids active is not only perfect for keeping them living a healthier lifestyle, but it is also a brilliant way for you to maintain your fitness too, by spending time being active with them doing things such as playing sports, cycling and running.


Resilience is such a useful quality to develop in your kids. Learning to be resilient will help them to deal with the challenges that life throws at them so much better, and will help to build their determination to overcome obstacles and succeed, which is just as important in adult life as it is when you are a kid on the sports field.

Photo by  William Topa

Photo by William Topa


Being part of a team can be a huge confidence booster for kids, and can help to build up their self-esteem. There's something special about being part of a team that brings a real sense of belonging. It's always a proud moment to see your kid working as part of a team, and dressed in a team sports uniform. Having a team uniform really helps to build a sense of camaraderie. If your child's team don't have a uniform already then check out companies such as Cisco Athletic to get some made, and the kids will be bursting with team spirit in no time.

If there isn't a team for a sport that your child wants to play at their school, why not set one up yourselves? Understanding the benefits of working as part of a team, and making a contribution to its success is excellent for family life, as well as your child's future career.

Photo by  Jeffrey F Lin

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin


Attending training sessions and being on time for games is something that requires self-discipline. Likewise, kids taking care of their health and fitness so that they can perform well in their sport is an excellent quality to have. Being part of a team, or simply having a sport that they are passionate about and what to put the effort in to succeed, could help kids to stay focused on their future and less likely to make bad choices. 

Photo by  jesse orrico

Photo by jesse orrico

Contribute Post By Dominic Woolworth

Cover Photo by frank mckenna