Workout Wednesday~Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

Ok, it’s not your typical Workout Wednesday fitness post but this week I’m gonna let you live.

With all that work you put in, you also need to treat yourself. It’s all about balance. The weather is heatin’ up and it’s time to get your scoop or two of ice cream. Let me introduce you to Mikey, the founder and CEO of “Mikey Likes It Ice Cream”.

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream is not just an Ice Cream shop but a “LifeStyle.” dishing up organic, creative flavors with pop-culture influences.

Mikey Founder and CEO of  Mikey Likes it Ice Cream

Mikey Founder and CEO of Mikey Likes it Ice Cream

If you’re an Ice cream lover and haven’t been to Mikey’s, I suggest you put it on your NYC bucket list and get yourself to one of his shops. Everything is homemade with all recipes created by Mikey himself.

Mikey is known in NYC as the HipHop ice cream guy and often times you’ll spot a celebrity in his shop. Even Jay and B hire Mikey for their private parties! You can even catch him on CBS sports during football season.

Mikey’s Flavors

1. Ice Ice Baby

2. Truffle Shuffle

3. Pink Floyd

4. Foxy Brown

5. Southern Hospitality

If you’re a waffle ice cream fan then you need to try, “Mac daddy, Daddy Mac, 2 Live Crew , Mili Vanilli and Nice & Smooth.

Due to a recent health scare Mikey had to change his diet. He wanted to eat healthier so he came up with a few flavors of “Vegan Ice Cream”.

1, Incredible Hulk

2. All Green Vegan

3. Dr Sebi- a blueberry hibiscus ice cream with a pineapple cayennne pepper swirl!

Vegan Flavors

Vegan Flavors

.Growing up on the LES, Mikey decided that’s where his flagship store was going to be ~  199 Avenue A , NY NY 10009. He’s been open for 5 years and recently opened his second location in Harlem ~  2500 Frederick Douglas Blvd , NY NY 10030.

Before Mikey became the King of Hiphop Ice Cream, Mikey was a sneaker head. Back in the day, he was part owner of the Famous sneaker store, “SoleFood”. After launching Mikey Likes it Ice Cream, Ewing approached Mikey for a chance to have his own signature sneakers. Don’t get it twisted Mikey knows a little about “Fashion” too. It’s A Lifestyle remember that!

Dr. Sebi at the L.E.S Location and My Son and niece chilling with Mikey

I’ll hook you up, if you go by any location and mention you read this article you’ll get a Free scoop with purchase. You’re welcome!

Vegan Ice Cream- Incredible Hulk

Vegan Ice Cream- Incredible Hulk

By Danny Reyes

Photo By Mikey