iPhone: Guide To Good Maintenance

Contributed by James Tucker

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If you're an iPhone owner, you've probably been through your fair share of scares. You would presume that because you're spending so much that an iPhone would be durable, right? However, his can be far from the case; they often need to be well looked after to keep them looking good and working correctly. Unfortunately, iPhones don't seem to like being dropped and you will of most likely experienced a cracked screen or two in your lifetime. Have a look at these excellent ways to help maintain your iPhone. 

The Screen 

The primary problem iPhone owners face got to be the threat of a cracked screen. These smartphones are sleek, and some would say beautiful, but in reality, are very fragile. Every time you drop the iPhone, you dread picking it up again just because you know there's the risk that it has cracked or smashed. Check out your iFixYouri Smart Device Repair for someone who may be able to help if you are unlucky enough to have this happen to you. It's a good idea to get yourself a screen protector; often you can have these fitted with free replacement when you purchase the phone. A screen protector is a temporary cover that will protect your screen from scratches as well as cracks. Completely removable and not leaving any lasting residue (perfect if you resell) they are the ideal protection for your screen. Bear in mind of course that they are made of glass and therefore need replacing once they've taken the brunt of a drop. 

Photo by  Tyler Nix

Photo by Tyler Nix

Good Case

The top thing that every iPhone needs is a  case. To say there's a large variety of options is an understatement. There certainly is a choice for everyone. Different situations range from plastic, metal, leather, through to silicone and that's just naming a few. The best case you can buy is silicone for when it comes to falls and drops. You can even get cases that are personalised with things such as signatures, names and photos on the back. The good thing about a case is that it not only protects your phone, it also adds a little bit of personality, just like everyone's individual apps

Photo by  Daniel Korpai

Photo by Daniel Korpai

Take care Of Your Accessories

Often, people take care of their iPhone but forget about taking care of all of the accessories that come with it. These are just as important to maintain. The iPhone comes with a pair of headphones and a charging cable and if you're ever thinking about reselling then looking after the originals can make a difference to the price you will get. 

Another maintenance job you should do is to clean the content in your iPhone by transferring to PC as a backup, and this means you're able to free up more space for faster system speed. You can use just your standard PC to do this or use software made for Apple such as a Mac with iTunes. (iTunes is also available on windows) These handy tips should help you to maintain and look after your iPhone. They will not only improve the lifespan of your phone but also help to hold it's value. 

Photo by  Goran Ivos

Photo by Goran Ivos

Do you have any other tips for proper maintenance with your iPhone? Please share them in the comments section below. 

By James Tucker

Cover Photo by Yiran Ding