Yes. parents are still bugging out about the Momo Challenge, there’s always something crazy happening especially on  social media. It can be real useful and at the same time it can be harmful and that’s a no no for us here at Swaggerdad.

We should always stay a step ahead of our kids. How? by staying up to date with the latest gadgets and “App’s” .

Remember the days of teaching our kids to be good people aka a good citizen. Now, we have to them how to be good digital citizen .

Here are a few apps  you should know about.

YouTube-Let’s face it ‘YouTube’ is one of the biggest platforms out. There’s anything on there from music videos to how to build a house. It’s even a tool for our children to watch educational programs and even their favorite shows.

Although even with Parental Control,  YouTube still has problems. YouTube Kids is now having issue with hidden messages inside kids videos. Not Cool!  Our best advice particularly with a young one is to really use those controls. Hand-select your video playlist. Turn off search and NEVER let them read the comments.

Snapchat- One of the fasting growing apps out, they become a news source for young people, they even have a decent social media feed for millions of users. Now this is cool, they even help young people register to vote.. now that’s Dope! But when it comes to content the app is designed to disappear after viewing, thats a scary thought. Gotta watch out for all those creeps with a nasty mind, you know the one sending nude videos/pictures. As a parents you wouldn’t know if your child is receiving or sending screenshots of nude or disturbing images. There’s a thing called Snapchat Dysmorphia which young girls taking picture/selfies of there body imperfection and distortions, not cool.

Whatsapps Messenger- Looks like the whole world is on WhatsApp. I knew it was big when my 66 year old mom messaged me on there, lol. Tons of kids use WhatsApp with their friends or groups where they chat and share images, audio and video. It’s easy to use, they can text and place calls on there that CAN’T be tracked. Want to know more? read a bit about the use of WhatsApp in political shenanigans. Kids can be slick with it, so stay on top of it. They can make fake WhatsApp screenshot to fool parents into thinking you are talking about school if you look over there shoulders. Kids these day have a lot of tricks so be on point. FYI it’s owned by Facebook and they share data but you can also opt out.

TikTok- Formerly, most  children and their friends as young as 10/11 years old use this app frequently. They can lip sync to video and also dance to them, but did you know it’s also a social network? Kids can post publicly share there locations and even stream live. Yes, even if your account is private you can see all videos in the app. Which are not all fun to look at if you know what a mean. in my opinion it’s  better to just keep it on your phone so they use it once in awhile.




Remember The FUTURE is here already, so as parents we have to stay on point with all these new app’s popping up everyday. Best tip we can give you is to stay on top of All new App’s in the market. Get familiar with them that way your kids know you’re on point!!

By Danny Reyes

Cover Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash