Fashion Friday with TrianguloSwag

Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!!

This month we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and we like to spotlight  the Founder of Trianguloswag, Film Director, Urban Latin Pioneer, Creator of Triangulo The Series, Alfredo Perez,  he has built his empire deeply rooted in the culture of his native country Dominican Republic. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Perez made a name in the latin urban industry as BB Inc. His name ‘BBinc,’ evolved from his beginning nickname as ‘Baby Inc,’ which was given to him because he was always the youngest amongst his group of friends. Naturally, as he progressed in his his career he outgrew the name  ‘Baby Inc’. Perez began his career as a music video director. After gaining notority by directing videos for the top artist between Domincian Repubilc and Puerto Rico, Perez pioneered one of the biggest all star collaboration mixtapes.

CEO/Founder of Triangle Swag Alfredo Perez aka  @bbinc

CEO/Founder of Triangle Swag Alfredo Perez aka @bbinc

Perez came a long way, after directing videos for most of the  top latin  artists in the music industry, in 2015 he decided to build a clothing line. He named it ‘Triangulo Swag.” Eventually he had everyone in the industry and the streets  wearing his famous Triagulo Logo.

@ohshit_itsjada  and Son rocking the Father & Son Collection

@ohshit_itsjada and Son rocking the Father & Son Collection

If you’re ever uptown check out his location on 1248 Saint Nicholas ave bye 172 & 173 street.

By Danny Reyes

Photo by Triangulo Swag