Become an Expert Reader With EPIC!!

Now this is so cool, we came across this award winning digital library EPIC! Their the number one digital library for kids ages 12 and under. Now that everything is digital it’s only right to have a digital library and with over 25,000 kid books you can’t go wrong. There’s no more excuses about not getting a book at a regular library because it’s out and have to wait two weeks before someone else returns the book.

Reading is FUN!

Reading is FUN!

One of the cool features on Epic! is that they’re personalized for each child based on their reading level and interests, including families with multiple kids, where they can track their progress and get book recommendations based on their reading level. 

How dope is this, that you can bring what almost 90% of kids are using in school, right into your home, for free. 

Yes for free for the first 30 days then after that it’s $7.99 month. It’s a great investment in your kids education. You’ll have over 25,000 books in the palm of your hand. The future on reading just became EPIC!

I know I know..a book still has so much credibility. I grew up with books and I still enjoy holding one on my hands..but hey gotta roll with the change and expose our kids to what’s happening and keep them in the loop too. This generation is on the move!  

By Danny Reyes

Photo/Video by Epic