Make Moves Monday with Omar Epps

Make Move's Monday with Omar Epps.

"Breaking The Cycle" One Dad at a Time.

"Breaking The Cycle" One Dad at a Time.

This is the coolest thing when one of your favorite Actors uses one of your Motto’s.

"Breaking The Cycle"  Omar Epps uses it to describe his new book "From Fatherless To fatherHood" where he talks about his life growing up without a father then becoming a father. Like many of us who grew up without a father and never had a Father showing you the way to become a future father is hard. Not hard like it’s hard to raise your kids but just moments that happen in life that if you would have had that "Father figure" then you would know how to help build the Family Foundation.

I can truly relate with Omar and his story. I’ve seen my father just Once in my life, I was 8 years old. We all have "choices" to make and like many father's out there he chose not to be in my life. It's up to My generation to "Break The Cycle" and be a Father to your child, no matter what it takes.

I salute Omar Epps for shedding light on this subject. If we want to "Change" our community we have to "Change" our Family first.

Source KTLA5

Omar couldn't say it any better, us as Men have to step up and be a father to our children. As a Father myself I Can't Believe my father or any other father wouldn't want to be part of their children’s lives. We have to be the "Foundation" of our family and continue our legacy with our children. Always Value Family to the Fullest.  Let's make the right "Choice" and take care of ours!

Thank You Omar Epps.

By Danny Reyes

Video by KTLA5