Tech Tuesday, Gifts For Dad's From P.C. Richard

Another year and another Father's Day upon us. This weekend I celebrate my 10th year being a Dad. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world and it's even better when you are appreciated by your children and love ones. I'll be happy just spending another day with the Family but if they want to get me a gift these would be my Top gifts for now, hopefully I could get at least one lol… This post is in Partnership with P.C. Richard & Son

Who's like me and loves to watch TV like you're in the movie's? The Bose Solo lives up to the expectation. 

Hey, if you love to workout and stay healthy, why not stay on top of it with this cool Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch. It's tells everything from your heart rate to how many steps you walked in a day.

Now, who wouldn't want some cool headphones especially these.. once you put them on you won't hear your better half screaming at you to do the dishes or take out the garbage or even your kids when they’re screaming all over the house. Just put these bad boys on and zone out.

Drones aren’t just for kids. This drone is fully equipped with a camera. Take it for a spin and catch some good pics. FYI your kids will love it also.

Now, this is what I'm talking about, with all the work us Dad's do this would be the perfect Gift and Mom's you can use it also. Get the headphones and take a nap-lol