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Ok it's midweek, have ya'll gone to the gym yet? If you're bored with the same routines  at your gym or at home and live near NYC then check out my guy Coss Marte’s new gym called Conbody. This isn’t your average gym class..I’ll be straight up. You’re going in to put in that work and here’s why. 

Coss is from the lower Eastside part of New York City, nah not soho but near chinatown. Like any other inner city neighborhood, Coss grew up where drugs in the streets couldn’t be escaped. At the age of 19,  he was making $2 million a year and living the life. He said he wanted to become rich and he did. While living the fast life,  Coss grew to over 275 pounds. At age 23 Coss was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison, where he retreated into isolation. While locked up, he came face to face with his past mistakes and he saw his health declining. The prison doctors diagnosed him with high blood pressure and obesity. He faced a choice, change things up or possibly die within  5 years. Coss thought about his son that he wanted to get back to and that's when he said enough is enough and developed a workout behind bars that helped him lose 70 pounds in six months.

While in prison Coss was thankful for his family who always took his son to visit him and he got to witness his dad's transformation. "I tell my son that we all come from different places, and we've got to learn from that"

 After being released, Coss used his experience and his inner hustle to start ConBody a prison - style workout. Today, Coss has one of most popular fitness studios in New York City. 

We should be happy that we get the opportunity to be what we want to be.” Coss Marte

We want to Salute this Dad for taking a bad situation and turning it into a Great situation. Coss says prison certainly made him a tough guy but not as a Dad. “With my son I’m completely opposite, all I want to do is give him a hug.”


Check it out if you’re looking for a challenging workout Click here


By Danny Reyes

Photo by Coss Marte