Hip Hop & Fatherhood

Growing up listening to Hip Hop  I never witnessed any of the rappers repping "Fatherhood". Shit, Hip-Hop itself was a father figure for most of us who grew up without a Father.  Fast forward to the New Wave of artists out here reppin that Swaggerdad life. One Artist taking it to a whole different level,  "We The Best" Music Group CEO~Dj Khaled . We applaud you.

Dj Khaled’s been taking the music industry by storm and he's doing it with his son by his side. What better way to build your "legacy" than to teach your son to become a future CEO. This is something I keep talking about, Leading by Example. Hip Hop has changed for the better. It's all about family right now. Quick look on how Dj Khaled motivates his son with position be affirmations.

By Danny Reyes

Photo/Video by Dj Khaled