#Free Meek Mill

Source  @MeekMill

This is what it’s all about right here, Welcome Home!  Meek Mill was chillin at last night 76ers game. It's Always a Great thing when someone who doesn't deserve to be incarcerated comes home to his family.  

Ali was the "People's Champ' and I’d like to see Meek  become The People's Voice.. for the thousands of voiceless prisoners in our country. 

Fat Joe said it best "Kids Need Their Father's in their lives especially, the working Man".  Let's Build Families not break them.

Congratulations on getting your freedom back! 

For those coming home or are already home and looking for some employment check out this cool Program called STRIVE. I’ve personally met the people running this program and I’ve seen lives change for the better. They’re the truth and you need to check them out..your family deserves it.

You're Welcome