Here’s another idea: Let’s rename ‘school’ as ‘uterus’ so maybe Republican lawmakers will want to do something about the children dying inside them. 

I read that quote today on Facebook. How true it is that?! 

So Trump thinks arming teachers is the answer. This has to be one of the worst ideas anybody could come up with, let alone the President of the free world. What are we becoming? I can't believe we are having this discussion. Out of all the things we as a country can come up with to prevent "School Shootings", we’re talking about arming Teachers? Can someone tell me we are not living in the twight light zone? 


It's real simple, I'm 47 years old and back when I was in high school(86'-90') I remember here in Washington Heights there was a cop station in our school. Thank God nothing really happened but a bunch of fist fights.. but NEVER a shooting. I think for the most part students knew they couldn't come to school with a gun cause there were "Cops" in our school. That's just one suggestion Mr. Trump, putting one or two cops in each school. I bet a student would think twice about coming to school shooting when they know there's cops in the school already.

 Why arm our teachers ? So now, we have a budget to provide schools with guns?! Yet school programs get cut because of lack of funding, no school trips, the arts are stripped away and teachers are out here spending their own money to buy supplies for their students because of lack of funding. Where’s the logic?


It's a shame Parents have to drop their children off each day with the horrific thought lingering in the back of their heads of what could happen in their school because guess what..Guns don’t discriminate. 


Let's start having accountability as parents. If you own a gun or a damn AK-47, damn it, lock that shit up in a safe. This is just another way, I can sit here all day and tell you what we need to do to prevent this shit. Hold parents accountable for  the crime their kids commit with their weapons. I BET you more parents who own guns will be MORE responsible about locking up their guns so their children don't have access to it.

No Guns Allowed

No Guns Allowed

Teachers are meant to teach not to be armed and looking out for a mad shooter. This notion of arming teachers is not the answer. The way I see it, having teachers armed with guns is Trump’s way of supporting more dollars to the NRA. Let's not become a "Crazy" Nation now. I know there's a lot of "Smart" people here, so let's get it together. AGAIN ARMING TEACHERS WITH GUNS IN NOT THE ANSWER!


In closing and this goes out to Mr.Trump. You are a Parent correct? So put yourself in the shoes of those parents who lost a child in a school shooting. No for real sit in a room alone and imagine one of your kids being shot dead. What would you do? As a parent who lost a child and not to a school shooting but to natural causes I was Fucking Pissed at the world. I can't imagine how a parent feels when they lose a child during a School Shooting. They want answers and they want to prevent this from happing again. I hope you take this very serious and make a Change. As I said before, arming teachers is not the answer. 

By Danny Reyes