Fashion Friday, Black Panther Style

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Coming Soon

Thank God It's Friday!

I remember watching this trailer six months ago at the movie's with my son. We both looked at each other and gave two thumps up. Our excitement for the movie was cut short once the release date was shown "FEBRUARY 2018" but just like we are! So babe, I don't need any chocolate or Roses just some tickets to the movie's will be Fine lol.😉😎

The  Cast.

The  Cast.

I don't know about you folks, but I couldn't wait for a movie like this to come out. Growig up our super friends was either Superman, Spiderman or Batman just to name a few but now My son can witness and enjoy a great movie played by a black Superhero. Anybody can be a "Superhero", shit I'm still waiting for the Latin superhero, I know we don't have one but what do you think Marvel Studios? You can name him "Spanish Fly" haha,hey just a thought. Marvel really out did themselves with this All- Star Cast. Chadwick Boseman, Micheal B Jordan to the Hollywood vets like Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett.  This film will make History and my son and I will be there together.

As you can see this movie is nothing to be played with. Can't wait but  In the mean time, check out last weeks fashion pick's all about Black Panther. 

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Maison Margiele Leather Jacket

Champions Sweater

Pair of Thieves Sock

Nike SF Air Force 1 Sneakers

Moncler Sweat Pants

Let us know what you think about the movie? would love to see the feed back.

By Danny Reyes

Pic/Video by Marvels Entertainment