Laundry Just Got It's "Swag" Back!

Alright, so growing up in nyc you really don't have the luxury of a washer and dryer in your apartment. Fast forward to married life across the bridge,  in a house and damn it feels like that laundry pile never stops. Forget about it when you have kids. How can these little people produce so much dirty clothes?? So word, it's time to upgrade and LG reached out and showed me what's new on the market. Can you really get hyped about LG's Twin Wash set? Apparently I'm lookin at this like a new ride, so yes you can. I don't know about your house but my wife's motto is Teamwork makes the Dream work. Which means, I'm the laundry guy lol..check this out.

How cool is that, you can wash TWO loads at the same damn time!! Now that's what up. Get ready Milz you're about to earn your allowance!! Woohoo. Here's a laundry cheat sheet. Start'm young and they'll be Washing Warriors in no time. Good looking Almost Supermom for the  cheat sheet.

By Danny Reyes


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