Monday's Motivation, Daddy & Daughter Style

Everyday that goes by I think about my Angel Ella. Life without her is so hard but what keeps me going is my family. I get to live out my dream with my angel through other dad's that have daughters. To see pictures and videos of other dad's doing things with their daughter's makes my day.  

Daddy and Ella

Daddy and Ella

I gotta give a big shout out to The Scene for putting this video together of Dad's and Daughter's doing an affirmation together.  I do this with my son every morning on our way to school. I know if Ella was here I'd be doing the same thing with her. Beyonce is right "Girls Do Run This World" and I would have given her all the tools she needed to be a successful woman. 

Thank You to all the Dad's out there who are present and making a difference in their kids lives. Have a Blessed Monday..

By Danny Reyes

Video by The Scene