Fashion Friday with FortNite!

Thank God It’s Friday!

Yes, I know how it is if you’re a parent and your child is hooked on Fortnite. How many of your kids are asking for V bucks for the holidays? All of a sudden this game has taken over…THE WORLD! Props to Fortnite for offering a FREE game..and before you could question, free??..your kids were spending a fortune on new skins! Now, that’s a hustle that hit my wallet hard. Who can relate?! That being said, I’ve made it easy for you and gathered some Fortnite items sure to please, cause you know I have to make sure my Swaggerdad’s #flosslikeaboss

Hey look at it this way, instead of buying V-Bucks get them something they can wear.

Click on Images for more detail.

Hopefully 2019 will bring you less fortnite and more peace lol.

By Danny Reyes