5 Tips On Saving Money This Holiday Season!

Make Money Moves Monday

Ok, hopefully you guys did some shopping with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” last week and saved big time. If you didn’t want to go through all the pushing and shoving for a gift, I feel you, I wasnt up to going through all that either.

Hello December, where the count down begins for Christmas. If you didn’t get a chance to get all the gifts for your loved ones or friends don’t go broke going crazy buying gifts.

Photo by Matthew Henry

Photo by Matthew Henry

Here are 5 saving tips for buying gifts and staying out of credit card debt during the holidays.

1.Make A List

The holiday’s is all about giving and in our opinion it’s all about the children. So keep your list short and plan to give gifts to all the kids in your family. All the grown up’s in your family should be on the same page and do the same. Set a budget and stick to it.

2.Negotiate With Your Love Ones

Talk to your partner, friends and even your co- workers and see if y’all can come to an agreement on how much to spend if you going to have  gift-exchanging.

3. Use ONE Credit Card

If you have cash to spend cool but if you’re thinking on using your credit card to purchase most of your gifts, make sure you use one. We repeat use one and only one. You don’t want to see 3/4 credit card statements come 2019. The goal is to start the New Year debt free.


4.Start Shopping Immediately

If you started shopping already “Bravo” if you didn’t then you need to start right away. Don’t wait until the last minute to get the gifts. You don’t want to go shopping a week before Xmas and find out everything  you looking for is “Sold Out'“ lol So get to steppin’ and start shopping.

5.The Gift Cards Way

Hey, you can never go wrong with a gift card. If you’re not a shopper, check out the gift card section at your local Target, CVS, Duane Reade etc. These days kids either want cash or gift cards so either way you’re good.

Use these tips this holiday season and stay debt free for the New Year. Let that be one of your goals. 2019 I will be debt FREE!

Photo By Matthew Henry

Photo By Matthew Henry

By Danny Reyes

Photo By Team Burst