Fashion Friday, Brotherhood Style!

Thank God It’s FRIDAY!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day so far. In today’s #FashionFriday we look at two super Stars, Brothers, friends, Champions and most of all Father’s Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. These two made a lot of NBA History together with and without each other. After 15 seasons Wade is hanging them up and Lebron is just taking off. They’ve known each for a long time, they both were in the same draft class together. Playing against each other was a sight to see. Two super Stars and good friends going at it each other was priceless. NBA Fans needed that after the Jordan era faded out. Then the unthinkable happened and Lebron took his talent to south beach, Boooo Booooo Haha lol, As a Knicks Fan I felt sick but hey I give them props for making it to the “Final"s” every year they were together 2-4 Championships it’s not Bad.

Lebron and his son’s and Wade with his Son’s

Lebron and his son’s and Wade with his Son’s

Let’s not forget they both won one without each other, just to show you how Great these two ball players are. Gotta give Lebron and Wade some props on “Fatherhood” and seeing the relationship between a super star and his son. I love it when players have their kids around to teach them and show them “Look daddy’s”in the NBA, if You put your mind to it you can become anything you want son. Lebron is hoping he’ll still be playing one day to play with his son, that would be so damn Cool.. FYI Lebron’s son is “Nice”!! Don’t be surprised if he get drafted in the near future. You heard it first on mess around and he(Lebron son) get drafted by the team Lebron is playing for? imagine that? yeah!!

Wade and James , there last game they played each other.

Wade and James , there last game they played each other.

This past Tuesday Wade visited Lebron in Hollywood where they played their final game with each other. Lebron took the win after a long night of back and forth with the final score 108-105 Lakers. They only way they play against each other again is if they both make the Finals or at this year All-Star game at Spectrum Center in Charlotte,NC

With that being said we put together a quick hook up in honor of both Lebron and Dwyne.

Thorn Brown Varsity Jacket

Neighborhood F&F Tee

Y-3 Weekend Bag

Givechy Star Patch Jogger

Li-Ning Wow 7 Wade Sneaker

Pair Of Thieves Black&White Socks

Good Luck to Dwayne Wade for the rest of the year, congratulations on your retirement, No worries “fatherhood” will keep you active!

By Danny “Moya” Reyes

Photo by Lebron James