Meek Mill Back On Top With His New Album "CHAMPIONSHIPS"

He’s back at it, after spending some time in prison Meek Mills came home with a Story to tell and let me just say he’s on Fireeeee. On November 30, Meek dropped his first album after being released.

Meek came home and started  recording his Album “Championships” while fighting the Justice System in Philadelphia and across the country.

Meek and Son Catch a 76ers game after being release from Prison

Meek and Son Catch a 76ers game after being release from Prison

Knowing Meek personally,  I know he’s a good person and by the looks of it a great Dad. Meek Mill’s Championship Album  is one of his best bodies of work. Teaming up with my guys I worked with before at “Baseline Studio and Roc Da Mic Studio“ engineer Anthony Cruz as well as legendary engineer Young Guru. Who we all know worked with a range of big time acts, including the Big homie Jay-Z. Together, they formed the frontline of the recording process,

The homie Cruz said that after Meek recorded the core of the album, they realized  that it had “soulful, classic Roc-A-Fella feel,” and brought in Guru  to “add his sauce” to the formula, the Roc La Familia way. I know that feeling. One of my favorite songs is “What Free” feat Jayz and Rick Ross. Heard through the grapevine the big homie did  his verse at the 11th hour, during Thanksgiving weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, the way I know Jay is “One Take Jay” lol. Guru at the time was heading to South Africa for that weekend, instead Guru had to head back to LA to the big homie’s crib to lay it down real quick, like they always do. Hey when it’s clutch time just pass the Roc to the Big Homie for the buzzer beater and enjoy another Championship! #Anotherone #VerseoftheYear

Meek Mill and JayZ at  40/40 Club

Meek Mill and JayZ at 40/40 Club

Meek cracked the Top 10 song on Billboard with his song “Going Bad” feat Drake for the first time in his career. Also “What Free” is top 20. So Meek has two songs in the top 20 and 15 songs in the Top 100 on Billboard, Can I say “Classic”? Congrats homie.

Keep up the great work Meek and the fight for a better Justice system. We need more Father’s at home instead of Prison. To help Meek Mill and his Movement #Reform click here, there’s one million people unjustly caught in the criminal justice system. Let’s all do the right thing and get all those people back home to their family where they belong! Peace & love

By the way If you haven’t gotten the new album I suggest to get it, if you never Won a Championship in your Life and want that feeling of Winning a Championship then listen to this album, You’ll feel like a Champion believe that!

By Danny “Moya” Reyes

Photo/Video By Meek Mill