Workout Wednesday, 5 Qualities Video Games Don't Teach Your Kids

It’s Workout Wednesday folks and today it’s more about the mind than the body.’s so important. This week we put together 5 things your kids aren’t going to learn playing video games. Fortnite is going to teach you the facts of life!

Photo By Matthew Henry from Burst

Photo By Matthew Henry from Burst

Yes, we all know this generation is growing up in a technology world but we as parents have the power to control. We just can’t forget about the fundamentals.

Here are 5 qualities every child should know. If not, it’s time to Work out on and get busy.


Teach your kids to be kind to others no matter what. It starts at home. Once they learn how to be kind to people they’ll start to feel good too. Teach them to be the kid who demonstrates compassion and treats others respectfully. Let your kids know that “Kindness” is a special quality of tough love. It takes a real man to be kind.”

Give your kids examples of what it means to be kind. Maybe it’s just a smile, saying hello to the mailman, holding a door open for the next person. Kindness is limitless.


Teach your kids the courage to do what is right. To stand up to that bully in school. To speak the truth even when it’s not cool. To always speak their mind no matter what. Building courage takes time but encouraging them and speaking of their braveness helps to motivate.

3) Dependability

Once your kids start kindergarten give them some responsibility around the house. Believe me when I tell you Start them at an early age, you don’t want to be that one parent that is ALWAYS asking your kid to pick that up or clean that. Also, make sure they have a say in their school week routine. By having them actively take part in the structure of their day, it makes them more responsible and helps build their dependability.  If they can’t be responsible for themselves, how can others depend on them?


Teach them that it’s not all about THEM. When your out with your son get him use to opening or holding the door for people (men and women both). Encourage kids to do odd jobs for an elderly neighbor. Teach them to always be considerate of other. We are all here to learn from each other. Build a culture of sharing at home and praise a generous heart.


This one right here is my favorite. Teach them to always share especially with those who don’t have it. We taught my son this at a early age. Most kids are creating their Christmas list. Today, my son told me he wants to give presents to those less fortunate. Believe me, it’s a GREAT Feeling when your kids show any of these 5 qualities.

Remember we are always leading by example.

Have a Blessed Day.

Learning to Give

Learning to Give

By Danny Reyes