Fashion Friday, with The Birthday Boy Milian..

Thank God it's Friday!!!

First things first, Happy New Year to all the Swaggerdad's in the world, may you continue being a great example to yours kids.

Today is a special day for the Reyes family, 10 years ago today my life changed in an instant. My wife and I were blessed with a baby boy. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. My hero is growing up fast.

Before my son was born I was told by other parents that once he gets here, make sure you spend a lot of time with him because before you know it, he'll be a grown man. I have to agree with those parents, time does fly. Ya hear that all you new dad's??

Growing up without a father was a learning lesson in my life. It lit a fire in my soul. At the young age of 10, I said to myself I will never let my kids grow up without their father in their lives.When I was 36 years old I was Blessed with my son, my hero.

January 5, 2008 my son was born. They say a "son's first hero is his Dad" but the way I look at it, my son is my hero. I never had a hero to look up to, now I have my son to look up to. All the things I always pictured myself doing with my dad, I'm doing with my son.  Let me tell you, it's the greatest feeling in the world when you put a smile on your kids face.

Milz reppin his Mexican heritage

Milz reppin his Mexican heritage

Once Milz was born it changed my  whole world. If you know me you know I was all about the night life. Being in the music business will always have you at the club promoting or at the studio recording. That all changed when Milian was born. I couldn't wait to take him to the park or even a Yankees game and show him how to play sports. At the moment his favorite sport is baseball and soccer. Hey, being half Dominican and half Mexican is only right -lol.

Milian the "Artist"

Milian the "Artist"

Although I would love him to become the next New York Yankees Star, I know he has to grow into his own passion.  My job is to guide him in whatever he wants to do in life. He also loves to draw.Hey he can be the next picaso lol. Whatever he chooses to do with he's life I will support his passion to the fullest.

Daddy and Milz at Yankees Stadium 

Daddy and Milz at Yankees Stadium 

I want to wish Milian a  Happy Birthday. Next stop a teenager, oh wow!!

Milian on your special day just know your little sister is looking over you and I know she's wishing you a Happy Birthday from Heaven above. You were the best brother a sister can have. Ella  was always  happy hanging out with her big brother. Just know she loves you with all her soul..

Milian you know your family in Heaven loves you so much too. ( Grandma, Ruthy and your uncle Max )

Again Milian, Daddy and Mommy are blessed to have you in our lives. We're so lucky to have you. Happy Birthday once again and try not to grow up so fast. We love you with all of our heart. May God and Ella continue blessing you. Remember you can do anything you put your mind to.

I thank the Lord above for blessing me with an amazing boy, what daddy wouldn't want their kids born on the same day? Well, my wife couldn't wait one more day after being in labor for 26 hours she had to get him out. I was still happy he was born a day before my birthday. The Greatest gift I could ever ask for was you, Milian. Daddy loves you. Happy Birthday to my hero!

By Danny Reyes

Photo by the Reyes Familiy