The 10 Best Back-to-School Deals on Amazon Right Now

Back to School time!  I know some kids are dying to go back and some aren't ready for the summer to end. I know most parents wait until the last minute to go shopping after a long summer and hello I'm one of them too. No worries,  Amazon has the Best Back-to- School  deals that even your children will love. Get that Prime membership in check and take advantage of the Labor Day weekend Sale going on now. Save BIG BUCK$$ at the same time save that gas money too.


Ok, you know these teenagers need to keep their gadgets charged. No more "Ma/Dad my phone was dead!" Hook them up with this backpack and get rid of that excuse real quick.

1.Proetad Water Resistant laptop School Backpack with USB charging port


Keep track of your littles one  at all time with this GPA Smart watch.


2.Eoncore GPS/GSM/Wifi Tracker Smart Watch for Kids

You know some of your kids think school is all about recess. Ha! Calm down and get your little life-hahahha


3. Recess Funny T-Shirts

For the little Swag in all of them.


4. 1st Grade Dude Funny T-shirt

Let your kids shine bright like the light with these High Top USB Charging LED Shoes.


5. High Top USB Charging LED Sneakers

Get all the school supplies you need with this package.


6. School Supplies, the Total Package

Hey this school year why not help your kids set up Goals? With this dry eraser board you can do just that. Make it a fun school year for them!


7. Dry Erase Monthly Magnetic

You can't go wrong with some "Positive" words for your kids before heading out to school. Start your day out right.


8. Teacher Peach Positive Cards

Ok, we haven't forgotten those who are going to high school or college we got your back.


9. The Ultimate High School & College Bundle

Ok your little man or lady has something new in store for them. If you have a napper on your hands check out the stand up desk. Cool way to keep them up,  healthy mentally and physically.


Hey, there's even have an adult version of the desk, it's a great way to show your kids you can stay healthy also.


Hope you all have a great year in school. 

By Danny Reyes