Some kids are off to camp, traveling(yessir) or staying home like I did with their grams, mom, pops or siblings. FREEDOM!..Well, so they think. LOL . Yeah in their minds they're sleeping in till 11, making cereal and then off to play their PS4/X Box, Nintendo errrything all day everyday, NOT TODAY. LOL

So, Milian isn't so happy about this but that's not my problem-lol. These days are we raising couch potatoes or Legends? The stakes are high and it's up to us to prep and guide them.  

Kids should get in at least an hour a day of reading, writing or some type of educational activity. Believe me, this isn't their idea of summer fun..but you can't completely fall off for the summer. 

Michelle (wifey), came across this list today. It makes sense..and even though they may not be feelin' will help them to stay on track and not become a lazy eyes buggin' video/tv/smartphone zombie. #word

Shout out to Mique at  for this cool list and photo

Shout out to Mique at for this cool list and photo


So, when they've put in that work then it's time for some fun. Here's a few things we've found to  help you save some cheddar.


 If you have ATT&T, check out Ticket Tuesday. Buy one ticket and get your second ticket FREE. Click here to get yours..and check out Despicable M3!

Despicable ME3


These spots can get pricey but check out GROUPON for a deal near you and don't forget to check the park's website for their deals. Weekdays can be cheaper and definitely less crowded. Also, check if you can bring your own food. Pack a cooler and avoid the outrageous prices and junk part eat for FREE.  Here in NY we get down like that. Set a time with the fam and meet by the car, pop the trunk and start grubbin' LOL.



 Check out your local library/bookstore for their schedule of FREE summer activities! It's just that simple.

Library/Bookstore Activities


Check out the museums in your area. You'll find FREE entrance days along with classes or activities for your Kids to have fun painting, using clay and a variety of other mediums to enrich their art experience. Check out Milian and I at the DeYoung Museum in San Fran. Wifey signed us up for a FREE activity. Check out Target's list of FREE museum days in your area 



Select bowling centers and schools around the country are participating in the first ever Kids Bowl Free program. This program is designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure, and fun way for kids to spend time this summer. Check out the link and get your bowling on!