Changing The Music Industry One Artist At A Time

The Music Industry is about to change again, no not for the consumer but for the Artists. Record labels are going to be obsolete in the near future. The Music industry has changed in the past 10 years, from albums to cd's and now to streaming music. Now a days, you really don't need a record label to get you famous. You can do that all by yourself with the internet. Today, record labels need to turn into  a technology company, combining analytics with hyper-targeted advertising. The old labels don’t have the engineering talent for it.

Steve Stoute

Steve Stoute

Since 2004 this SwaggerDad Steve Stoute ran an ad agency called Translation. This former President of Interscope Records, secretly raised $70 million from Google’s corporate umbrella Alphabet, prestigious venture firm Andreessen Horowitz, and entertainment giant 20th Century Fox.

Steve and his new partners started UnitedMasters. Using his experience in both the music industry and the advertising world, Stoute explains  “Look at music like gaming. You monetize the game to all the people who are most engaged. I wanted to bring that theory and thinking to music.”

UnitedMasters is an Artists dreams come true. They are ready to give musicians an alternative to exploitative record label deals. Artists pay UnitedMasters a competitive rate to distribute their music across the internet from Spotify to YouTube to SoundCloud, and they split the royalties while the artist retains the rights to the master recordings. Now that's some boss Sh*t right there. Then UnitedMasters sucks back in all the analytics, identifies the listeners, builds artists a CRM tool and helps them retarget their top fans with pinpointed ads for tickets and merch.

Stoute changed the game. UnitedMasters is on and popping right now. An artists can sign up and connect their Youtube, Soundcloud to the site and start rolling in the dough. UnitedMasters will show them how to maximize their talent and guide them on how they can grow their career. Born in Queens, NY, Stoute use to manage local heroes Nas and Mary J. Blige, turning them into icons that we all know today. Those are just a few, Stoute worked also with Jayz, Justin Timberland, Will Smith,Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Safe to say you're in good hands with UnitedMasters. This is a game changer for all you upcoming artists out there.


It's Throwback Thursday folks, here's Stoute with his beautiful daughter, she wasn't happy but we all know she loves her daddy.We salute Steve Stoute for always pushing the envelope and moving the culture forward. If you're an Artist and want to own your music(Masters) I suggest you checkout UnitedMasters. Good Luck!!

By Danny Reyes

Photo by Steve Stoute & UnitedMasters