Tech Tuesday, 5 Top App's for your Child

Ok, so I know my phone is also my son's phone on a part time basis (let's just admit it). Milz is 9 and a bit too young in my book to have his own. That being said, I started to clean house this weekend and did a bit of research on the latest apps we should be checking out.

Who has kids that think they're all grown up? But don't have a clue about life, lol.. Like my 9yr old son who thinks he's a Man. Well, with the Toca Life office app it let's your child's imagination run wild. With Toca your kids get a glimpse of that #worklife with co-workers, making copies at the copy machine and even jumping on a helicopter to make that afternoon mtg.  Let's see what they think about working everyday. They just may decide to put the breaks on growing up so fast!

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Ok, so who can relate about being a nervous wreck when your kids are out and about with their friends or at the age when they start walking to school on their own.  That being said, The Companion App can help make walking home a lot cooler and less nerve-wracking. This personal safety app lets friends or family walk with your child, virtually, and track your journey home via GPS online. You know what's really cool about this app can be used with anyone in your contacts; they don’t even need to have the app installed, how cool is that. It gives you updates every few mintunes and if there's any issues you can call 911 right away from the app itself.

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Let's have some fun for the young ones. Check out The Lego Batman Movie app, where you can fight off the  bad guys and save Gotham at the sometime. There's a feature on the app that they can even Dj and play music. 

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Now, this is one app to download asap! If you want to teach your kids compassion, acceptance, and empathy, then check out the "Me" app. This dope personal journal app for kids is a cool way to start them on a path into understanding who they are, and who other people are too. 

In the Me app, your child can start by creating their own avatar, with so many cool options, from skin tones to hair styles and colors, even accessories like bows, glasses, and headscarves. Not only that but they can add their journal entries with a combination of text,drewing and clip art. They can even record audio or video journal entries, all which are stored on a "Map" of who you are, with GPS-style pinpoints that group them by concepts like happy, sad, scared and angry. Yeah, you get the idea right? Hey for $2.99 it's not bad.

The ABC Mouse app is one  app everyone should have on their phone especially if you have kids the ages of 2-8 years old. This app has everything your child needs to keep them on point with their math, reading, science and art class. There's no excuses on those long family drives with over 8,500 activities. You're welcome!

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By Danny Reyes