Ok, why should the kids get all the shine when every dad has that inner superhero in them. Take a look at a few pics that made the Halloween Swaggerdad list this year. Let's get it started with Deadpool. You know you want it! 


Alright, you know the mom blogs out there aren't going to encourage looking like a crazy a$$ clown ..but let's be real..you either saw IT or not...and if you did, you know you wanna scare the ish outta some kids LOL. Ok, let's keep it friendly but here you go in case you wanna get that inner on the low creepy clown look on  and watch those tricker treaters run away screaming! #smh

For all those Swaggerdad's that know they're the Sh!* this ones for you..and if your little legacy is following in your footsteps there's one for them too! LOL

You know Superman is always in the mix. This time it's a family affair. 

The Night King is here! Who else is in need of their GOT fix!

The Head of the White Walkers  "Game of Thrones" For Dad's

The Head of the White Walkers "Game of Thrones" For Dad's

Kid  Jon Snow  Suit

Kid Jon Snow Suit

Why wait until the season finale next year, when you and yours can be Jon Snow and the head of the White Walkers. Let the games begin!