Scotch Porter~ Facials aren't just for the ladies

So, recently I received a package from Scotch Porter. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out.  I know the ladies are always in the mirror with their lotions and potions..but you know what..they're on to something. It's not all about the fresh outfit you got on..time to get your skincare regime on point to. Plus,  if you got that beard growin, you need too make sure you're nourishing it right.  Remember, if you look good, you feel good. #stayfly #swaggerdad 

Let's have some fun with it๐Ÿ˜Ž 


So fresh and so clean! ย 


Charcoal & Licorice Facial Skin Care Collection $44.99


By Danny Reyes

Photo by Scotch&Porter