Tech Tuesday, Who Said Bedtime Stories are Boring? Not with Moonlite

Bedtime stories just got to a new level...all the way up!  Thanks to this mom with swag, Natalie Rebot for coming up with Moonlite and making bedtime stories come to life. Moonlite projects a nightime story right from your phone to any flat surface, like the ceiling. So, you can lay in bed and watch a full HD story with images and in-app sound effects to make bedtime reading immersive and magical.

If you want to be part of this amazing idea you can help by clicking here and funding this kickstarter project. I think I'm more excited than my son!

Moonlite is set to be on the market by April/May. Let's make Bedtime Stories fun Again! 

By Danny Reyes

Photo/Video by Natalie Rebot