Volunteer Today!


It's the Holiday season and we all think about it....but then time passes and once again we missed our opportunity to give back. If you're like most you're probably thinking where do I even start? 

Swaggerdad is here to steer you in the right direction! We just downloaded the Golden Volunteer app and we are so impressed with how easy it was to navigate. Sign up, enter your zip code and start browsing the opportunities that fit your location, interests and time. Are you artsy and willing to help young patients with cancer find their inner Picasso? Maybe you're interested in mentoring young women to make informed decisions for themselves..the list is endless.  Either way, you simply press the "Down to Volunteer" button and you are on your way to creating a Golden moment. Click here

Maybe you're an Organization/Non-Profit or School. You can easily post Golden Opportunities and reach thousands of enthusiastic volunteers near you! Click here

Keep in mind there's a rate section to all of this and you're able to rate the organization and they will also rate you after your time. So be on your best game and stay Golden!