Suicide Prevention- Missing Max


October 9, 2016 our Detroit family came together for the second year to join the Out of Darkness walk for my brother-in- law, Maximilian Garcia.  It's one of those heartbreaking situations that you hear about..but you can't ever imagine it happening to your family.

Well, it happened to ours on May 3, 2015 and we are left missing Max everyday.

When losing someone to suicide you never really have closure and the guilt that follows is sometimes unbearable for their family and friends. My wife constantly thinks about how she could've prevented this from happening or if she was more educated about Mental Illness she could've helped her brother Max more.

So many of us suffer from mental illness or know someone who does. Often times its not talked about because there's this taboo that comes along with it and people often think that you can just fix it, be strong or just choose to make yourself happy. The problem is, it never works that way. What we've learned is that mental illness can be the ugliest liar, make you feel worthless and often times can win if steps aren't taken to fight the battle. 

As a country we have so far to go to bring Mental Illness to the forefront. Someone once told us, If you had cancer would you get treatment to save your life? Well, the same goes for Mental can be a silent killer and we need to fight it just like you would diabetes or cancer. Its a leading cause of death..but at the same time preventable.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide with programs and events nationwide. Check them out 

If you are in crisis, 
call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)