it’s important to us that Swaggerdad is authentic and transparent, so we are incredibly selective about our partnerships and only partner with or share brands we believe in and use. we are often pitched things, from book deals and inquiries to do tv shows to endless products to test or promote. while the inquiries might be frequent, i hope my readers know we turn down far more than we ever say yes to (probably 99.9%).

and when we do partner with a brand or work with an advertiser, we disclose that relationship. sponsored posts, giveaways, and gifts are always noted as such.

Swaggerdad offers paid banner advertisements on the sidebar of this blog, hosts paid giveaways with sponsors we feel are a good match, and collaborates on special projects with select partners. we may use affiliate links when linking to a specific product which means we may make a  small commission from sales purchased through that link.

to inquire about opportunities to partner or collaborate, please email: